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Showreel: creatives for mobile gaming


Video is an important part of mobile game marketing as it gives users a taste of the gameplay.
Furthermore, rewarded video ads are the hottest revenue generator in the mobile game market.
Honestly, creating video ads and creatives for mobile game marketing is our favourite thing to do, so we are very proud to show you our showreel.
Check out more Mobile game creatives on our Youtube channel.

We can offer you a FREE test run, which includes one pack of creatives so that you can see what it’s like working with us!
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Showreel: product promo videos


If you have a new product or service, you’ll definitely need a promotional video.
It can help your business showcase your work, whilst explaining the features of your product in an engaging and entertaining way.
People love watching videos, and we love putting together product promo videos to help you benefit from the impactful power of video content.
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Showreel: Explainers


We are sure that explainer videos are the most effective way businesses can effectively sell their product or service to potential customers.

✨ Explainer videos quickly capture a customer’s attention from stumbling upon your video until they purchase or interact with your product on a website.

✨ Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business and its products or services concisely.

✨ Explainer videos give minds a visual experience that is easier to grasp and remember, which is why explainer videos are so effective at increasing sales.

✨ An explainer video helps your website remain at the top of search engine results pages because of the high watch time and search engine ranking factors.

✨ Most people prefer watching a video to reading text online. This is because the video speed is faster and more enjoyable than text. Explainer videos are highly engaging and easy to understand, increasing their memorability among viewers.

Explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool. They will help your business get noticed and increase sales. Explainer videos should be used to promote your website, explain your organisation’s and products’ objectives, and convey your company’s message quickly and entertainingly.

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Welcome to KSTUDIO: Your Creative Partner from Latvia

Since 2009, KSTUDIO has been a leading creative powerhouse based in Latvia. We specialize in crafting exceptional content for the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, playable ads, user-generated content (UGC), and a wide array of video productions for businesses.

Mobile Game Creatives
Our team of professional motion and graphic designers brings your mobile games to life with captivating visuals and engaging animations. We understand the gaming industry’s dynamics and create assets that resonate with your target audience, helping you stand out in this competitive market.

Playable Ads
Unlock the potential of interactive advertising with our innovative playable ads. We design immersive and interactive experiences that grab users’ attention and drive higher conversion rates. Elevate your ad campaigns with our cutting-edge solutions.

Video Production
From tutorials and explainer videos to corporate presentations, our video production team can transform your ideas into compelling visuals. We blend creativity with professionalism to convey your message effectively.

UGC Content
Harness the power of user-generated content to enhance your brand’s authenticity and engagement. We provide tools and strategies to encourage user-generated content creation, allowing your audience to become brand advocates.

At KSTUDIO, we stay ahead of industry trends, keeping our designs fresh and relevant. Quality control is at the core of our operations, ensuring that every deliverable meets the highest standards.

We offer the flexibility of high-volume video production, enabling you to produce dozens or even hundreds of creatives weekly to keep your campaigns dynamic and effective.

Ready to elevate your brand’s creativity and marketing game? Contact us today to discuss your needs and pricing options. Let’s create outstanding content together.

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Skolas Iela 36, Jurmala, Latvia, LV-2016

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